What is Social Enterprise?

I think social enterprise is more a way of doing business differently, rather than an entity.

Craig Dearden-Phillips explains how a social enterprise shouldn’t just be reserved for the ‘cultists’ who speak only of doing good and social impact, but should be more encompassing to include all those progressive businesses that want to make money for themselves and make a big social impact at the same time.

From my experience it’s about making balanced decisions in the board room. For example, a decision that would make the most profit might need to weighed up with the decision that would create the greatest social impact. These decisions aren’t always opposing but I have found in practice they often are.

We need to move towards a world where having social objectives in the DNA of the business is part of the norm. A world where we realise the business decisions we makeĀ do have knock on effects both positive and negative that ripple far and wide.

Ultimately, social enterprise is about people.



People like lists

I attended some training this week about writing or ‘doing words’ and how to get your message across. I learnt about structure. Here is a good structure to shape your writing:

  • The problem.
  • The consequences.
  • The solution.
  • The call to action.
  • Back up argument to counter any NO response.
  • The big, inspiring picture.

This serves for selling a product or service, asking for funding, and even selling an idea internally to the rest of your team.

I also learnt that people like lists! Here is a list I found today that struck a chord with me:

  1. Nothing is going to be perfect.
  2. We cannot control the chaos. But we can control ourselves.
  3. Action creates positive emotion.