New Year’s Resolve..utions?


So tomorrow is the start of 2014, and most people will be thinking of new starts and new resolutions. But apparently, 88% of those who make resolutions fail. That’s pretty high.

In the Medieval era, the knights took the “peacock vow” at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry. On further research I quite like the idea of a Code of Chilvary, representing individual training and service to others and the knightly virtues of honour, courtly love and courtesy. But what are the top New Year’s Resolutions this year?

According to a survey ( these are the ones the ones for 2014:

1          Lose Weight
2          Getting Organized
3          Spend Less, Save More
4          Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5          Staying Fit and Healthy
6          Learn Something Exciting
7          Quit Smoking
8          Help Others in Their Dreams
9          Fall in Love
10        Spend More Time with Family

Yup, they all sound pretty familiar. Then I found the 10 alternative New Year’s resolutions published in the Metro (

1. Invent your own language
2. Stay exactly the same weight
3. Pledge to stay single for a year
4. Spend more money
5. Stay in the same job
6. Give up being one of those boring people at the NYE party who says ‘I don’t make resolutions’
7. Work more
8. Accept the fact that life is messy and imperfect
9. Get better at something you’re already quite good at
10. Take up drinking. Or eating cheese and chocolate before bed

These ones sound much more realistic. The TED inspired ones also appeal to me ( So what will mine be? I think I will go for just two:

  1. Be kinder to myself
  2. Be kinder to others

Not sure how I will measure the success come December 2014 though!


People like lists

I attended some training this week about writing or ‘doing words’ and how to get your message across. I learnt about structure. Here is a good structure to shape your writing:

  • The problem.
  • The consequences.
  • The solution.
  • The call to action.
  • Back up argument to counter any NO response.
  • The big, inspiring picture.

This serves for selling a product or service, asking for funding, and even selling an idea internally to the rest of your team.

I also learnt that people like lists! Here is a list I found today that struck a chord with me:

  1. Nothing is going to be perfect.
  2. We cannot control the chaos. But we can control ourselves.
  3. Action creates positive emotion.